Supply My Fire

Over 115 leads through Meta Ads for a Media Wall installer in Cardiff across a two month period.


Leads generated thus far.


Leads per month, on average.


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Supply My Fire

Supply My Fire

Supply My Fire are fire and fireplace experts located in Cardiff, Wales, specialising in the installation of wood burning stoves and media walls. Approached a few months ago after they had difficulty generating leads through paid advertising channels, we proposed a solution to help them get to 50 enquiries per month within a few months through Facebook Ads alone.

supply my fire

Strategy & Results

With the success we had running a similar campaign for Instaheat, we knew we could get results using the same approach for Supply My Fire.

We created three campaigns, Gas Fires, Media Walls and Stoves. Within each of these were three ad sets for each campaign with a different audience for each; after a few weeks of data gathering, we re-allocated the budget to the highest performing ad sets.

This simple strategy alongside our custom landing pages enabled us to generate enquiries within the first few hours of launching the campaigns!

With the campaigns now bringing in an average of 50 enquiries per month, we'll continue to A/B test the landing pages, ads, and audiences to maintain this each month.

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