178% increase in enquiries for a PPF installer & luxury detailer in North Yorkshire.


Increase in enquiries.


Decrease in cost per conversion.



Project-R are detailing and PPF experts located in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, specialising in the protection of luxury vehicles. We were approached by Peter at Project-R when his current Google Ad campaigns had hit a brick wall; no conversions, high cost, no return on investment. With their old campaign running on a broad-match basis, we saw fit to create a new Google Ads strategy with better targeting and improved keywords.


Strategy & Results

Following on from creating the new campaigns with better targeting, we created some new landing pages to drive the ad traffic instead of their main website; the main benefit being the pages are then designed solely for capturing leads. We've found this method for service based businesses works far greater than running the traffic to the main website, with conversions increasing by over 50%.

With most of the old campaigns enquiries coming via form, often which were spam, we increased focus on phone calls - by doing this we increased the reliability of the lead, which increased the likelihood of booking a PPF installation.

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