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Asana is our go-to management system for all our projects. What we love is the cross-platform use especially with their new desktop application. Before we start any project we think about what functionality and setup we would require for example for content marketing we would set up a board template containing, drafting, editing, check, ready to publish and published, we will then move the task along the boards depending which stage they are at.

Another example is we may be at the review stage of a project, we will share a new list with a client where they can input any changes or updates which our team can then assign, ask questions and complete notifying the client when done so.

If you think Asana would be a good fit for your business and need consulting in the best way to set it up for your business please get in touch.

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Figuring out how to structure your projects and team can be overwhelming. We can help you streamline your processes using Asana. We'll show you how best setup Asana, bespoke for your business, along with the best automation tools to reduce admin time and improve productivity.

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