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300% increase in leads through strategic ad campaigns for a nationwide commercial cleaning company.


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ccs group

CCS Group

CCS Group are a commercial cleaning company focusing on the catering, medical and construction sectors. Located in Yorkshire, they specialise in an array of services from commercial kitchen cleaning to ventilation air duct cleaning.

We've been working with CCS Group for many years. When they were initially struggling to get a reliable flow of enquiries, we proposed a solution through Google Ads which has since evolved into a much broader marketing strategy yielding over 200 unique enquiries per month.

ccs group

Strategy & Results

Due to the number of specialist services that CCS Group provide, we decided to restructure the company into three brands, Cater-Clean Solutions, Medi-Clean Solutions and Site-Clean Solutions. By doing this, it meant we were required to create a sub-brand for each company along with its own website and custom landing pages, used specifically for Google Ads traffic. This enabled us to create more effective advertising campaigns which would have a higher conversion rate due to each brand being specialists in their own sector.

This strategy of splitting up the brands and creating more bespoke pages has helped CCS Group expand tremendously, with over 200 enquiries coming in per month they're securing contracts with some of the UK's most reputable brands.

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