457% increase in enquiries for a leading supplier in hygienic walls and ceiling linings.


Increase in enquiries.

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Hygenic Walls & Ceilings

Hygenic Walls & Ceilings offer hygienic cladding to some of the largest brands across the UK. With a proven reputation for providing the highest quality cladding systems to some of the UK's largest brands, they were ready to invest in their website and marketing to increase their target audience visibility and drive new business enquiries.

Strategy & Results

After creating a new website for Hygenic, we began a Google Ads campaign to drive more traffic to the site. This was a challenging campaign as all competitors to Hygenic had the ability to purchase products directly from the website; Hygenic did not have this ability as per their request when creating the website. Because of this, we began identifying keywords that were non-transactional and crafting landing pages where a visitor could request pricing depending on their specification.

Opposite to what the competition was running, this proved to be a success for Hygenic - this campaign is still running has seen a 457% increase in enquiries through Google Ads, a significant increase on their former campaigns from before we started!

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