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Google Ads is a search network advertising platform developed by Google allowing advertisers to bid on certain keywords to show their advertising campaign. Google Ads is constantly evolving with new formats such as Google Shopping, Display and Youtube Ads, giving users more control to reach their target market.

Why use Google Ads?

Google Ads are one of the most effective forms of digital advertising, allowing you to target new and existing audiences to drive traffic to your website. With the introduction of AI and automation, the Google ads platform allows more control in finding the best ROAS for clients.

Google Ads Agency

To carry out a good google ads strategy we need to define the objectives we want to achieve and whether these objectives can be measurable and achievable. We initially start with a discovery call with our client to discuss what results we need to get to make a successful campaign and which campaign type we will be looking at, this can be lead generation, sales or vanity bidding. We then decide which channel we will utilise to get the best results.

Our team will then get to work on creating a relevant keyword list using a number of tools, not just Google's built-in options, this helps us find more expansive keyword ideas and also tightly pack the campaign with a strong negative keyword list so unwanted searches don't happen. Then we organise our Adwords campaign and ad group structures using the SKAG (single keyword ad group) or theme-based group structure. We also tend to create conversion optimised landing pages to increase conversion rate and ROI further.

From the collection of user data, aggressive optimisation and A/B testing using Google Optimise we are able to improve the performance of the campaign, weeding out any weaker ads and adding budget to the higher performers.