Airtable Consultants

Create apps that perfectly fit your team's needs

Airtable can provide almost infinite possibilities to store and harness data. At Folifi we use Airtable as a CRM, for content ideas, tracking projects, asset organisation and social media automation.

Although we use Google Drive for the bulk of our file organisation Airtable provides us with a more visually appealing way to organise data, social media content and brand assets. We can also assign categories and links which are associated with each image so we know what license we have and where it came from should we need to download it again.

We often utilise Airtable alongside our marketing automation services to free up time and resources, so our clients can focus on the growth of their business.

Airtable Integration

After using Airtable for the past few years, we've got pretty good at modifying the program to suit our needs as well as create information display systems for our clients. We provide an Airtable consultancy service to design and build a base to adapt and scale with your business, this could be a CRM, content management, social media automation and much more.