9th October 2020

How to publish WooCommerce products using Airtable

We looked for a way we can speed up the process of adding our products to WordPress, along with having them displayed in a database for ease of updating and publishing.

Over the past few years, there has been a range of accessible tools to automate certain processes cutting down the workload and making everything so much easier!
In this article, we will show you how we publish WooCommerce products using Airtable.

So how did we do it?

We've been using a tool called Integromat frequently with a lot of client tasks, admin work, lead generation and automated emails. You may have also heard about the application Zapier, which does the same thing.

Another tool we use is Airtables which we store a lot of our data.
We first created a table with all the fields we require to populate our products. As they're all virtual this saved a lot of time on the populating part.

We then created a connection in Integromat linking Airtable to WooCommerce.

To do this we used the Airtable watch records field which we connected to our Airtable API, you can find your API code in the settings of your Airtable account, you'll then be able to select the base, table and trigger which is usually the published or last modified date.

We then created a link to the WooCommerce product module, which creates the connection between the Airtable and your WordPress website. Now when you open the module and click into the fields you should see the selectable data pulled through from the connection.

Now, what happens if I want to update the product information?

Yes, well this is the part that took us some fiddling about with. We had to create a new scenario but this time instead of using the 'create a product' option we used 'search product'. We did this by 'product name', which we connected to the 'update product modal' putting the product ID as 'product ID' and then in the description and short description we added the same fields from the Airtable.

We can now update any of the product descriptions or short descriptions in the Airtable which will then be published live on our website.

Are you looking to automate certain processes for your business?

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