5th October 2020

How to find the best WordPress Themes

Being one of the worlds largest CMS WordPress has thousands of free and paid theme options to choose from. In this article, we will share a few websites you can find the best WordPress themes along with what to look out for when choosing one for your site.

Before you buy a theme, its important to understand the specific goals of your website, along with a simple architecture to know how the pages will flow.

Things to look out for

Simplicity - make sure a themes presentation style is not too complicated, sure the theme can look all fancy, but is it easy to read and navigate?

Responsiveness - You'll probably browse theme options on your website but how does it look on your mobile device? Luckily most themes are built responsive, but it's important to check before purchasing.

Functionality - Generally, the live preview of a theme will show different setups showcasing the functionality the theme provides, a good way to look at it, is not just what your business requires now but what you may require in the future. Such as is there a contact form option, a gallery section or even a calendar.

Theme Forest

The Amazon of themes, Theme Forest boasts a diverse library of templates which are categorised by industry. Search the category that's right for you and filter through you prefered style of templates. We recommend choosing one that has at least 4.5/5 rating, this makes sure you're buying a properly tested theme that's already been used by 100's of users.

Theme Kingdom

Themes Kingdom provides a library of premium crafted themes. With excellent minimal design and ease of use, these are great options for a professional-looking shop, blog or personal portfolio.

Template Monster

Another alternative similar to Theme forest is Template Monster, who also have a diverse range of themes to choose. You can find the categories on the left side to search for your industry. Template Monster also offers numerous setup options to avoid the hassle of installing your theme. Alternatively, we offer this service in our tasks area.

Do you require help setting your theme up? We'll get you up and running in no time. Alternatively if you need help choosing the best WordPress themes for you, we can help you decide.

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